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How to Promote a Self-Published Children’s Book as an Independent Author

Books, books, books! Everyone likes books. However, reading a book and marketing a book are two separate ideas. This is especially true for independent children’s book authors. Not only do you have to market to kids… you have to market to their parents, too. These are some simple ways that you, as a self-published independent author, can promote your children’s book.

Offer School Readings

Schools love a fun, education event. It’s better if they are free. You can bring your book into schools or to the school board and offer up free readings for kids. If the kids enjoy the reading, they’re bound to rush home and tell their parents all about the really cool book they read in school that day.

Visit Bookstores

Bring the book into bookstores--particularly the ones that cater to kids. These book stores need inventory and they may just be looking for the next big thing and will likely schedule a reading.

Host a Launch Party/ Event

Authors often host launch parties, but with a children’s book it needs to be more than that. Create an event where kids can dress like fun characters. Put on a skit of the book, or offer some fun activities and snacks. Kids will enjoy this and so will their parents.

Give Out Free Copies to Daycares/ Schools

It’s not the best idea to give out a bunch of free copies of a book. But if there are a few extra copies that you can spare, bring them a school or daycare. Students may decide to check them out from the library and love them. Or a daycare teacher may read it in class and the students will fall in love with it. This is a great way to promote a book while gaining feedback from your audience.

Enter in Children’s Book Awards

Like giving away free books, this may not be the cheapest option for you as a self-published independent author, but it is effective. Entering into book awards costs about $50 per award. If the book wins, people will want to read it, and it will get a notable sticker on its cover.

Host a Local Library Reading

Like schools and bookstores, libraries like to hold readings, too. Libraries, however, are always looking to host an author and help them get noticed. They’ll definitely love setting up a reading for the kids or library groups.

Connect with other Authors

Networking is crucial in any situation. Get to know other children’s book authors. They will have tips and tricks of their own, and can guide new authors down the right path. It’s also just nice to talk to people who have been in similar situations, and know how to help promote a book.

These are simple, affordable steps to take to promote a self-published book effectively. To promote a book, kids have to listen to it and read it. These tips help authors do just that. If you’re interested in learning more about the process, schedule a chat on

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